Performance Optimizations

Website performance is not just about speed. It’s also about customer experience, conversions, and keeping customers engaged. Performance optimizations can increase engagement and grow your business.

Do more with Oren Labs at your side. Allow our team to become an extension of your own, bringing our experienced expertise right to your fingertips.

Our WordPress Performance Optimization Service (and Drupal) Includes:

Image optimization

Render-blocking Resources

Minify Javascript and CSS

Leverage Browser Caching

Gzip Compression

Remove Query Strings

Review Server Response Time

Combine Requests

Lazy Loading Images

Inline Critical CSS

Optimize your eCommerce

Remove unused plugins and themes

Database cleanup

... and much more!

New York Website Performance Optimization, powered by an industry-experienced team.

Oren Labs is a speed optimization specialist for WordPress and Drupal websites of all sizes. You don’t have to worry about slow loading times causing visitors to leave your site or Google penalizing it for poor technical performance. Our speed optimization service will load your website in less than two seconds. This will improve your Core Web Vitals.

Not a one-time task

Your client spends on SEO, PPC, and SMM. But a slow website kills ROI.

For example, Walmart discovered that conversions increase by 2% for every 1-second improvement in page loading time.

Your website doesn’t need one time hack or boost from some cache plugin but ongoing real work to keep consistent high speed. The team at Oren Labs can help.

WordPress Performance Optimizations

WordPress, the most widely used, free, and open-source Content Management System, powers over 35% of the internet. WordPress performance and speed optimization services can help you maximize all elements of the best possible user experience. Oren Labs has the expertise to optimize WordPress blogs, WooCommerce shops, and business websites. This will make you more visible, valuable, and ultimately credible by making your customers and visitors feel more connected.

Scaling Your Business As You Grow, Without Stress From Your Website

Choosing the right company for your website performance optimizations is essential. Don’t worry – we got your back covered. Oren Labs recommends the best solution, not the most profitable. We believe in total transparency.

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