Eskom Electricity Emissions

Environmental implications of using or saving one kilowatt-hour of electricity

Table headings: If electricity consumption is measured in those units Use of table: multiply electricity consumption or saving by the relevant factor to determine the environmental implication. Example 1: Used 90 kWh of electricity. Water consumption: 90 x 1,40 = 126. Therefore 126 litres of water used. Example 2: Used 90 GWh of electricity. CO2 emissions 90 x 0,978 = 88,02. Therefore 88,02 thousand tons emitted.

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To get started here is a quick tutorial on how to get your project to us, without any waste of time follow the instructions below on how to request new services for your company or just yourself, below we added 3 tutorials on how to request services for website development with just easy steps to get started will begin with the website request.

  1. Websites we use bootstrap to make websites responsive and Webix
  2. Machine Learning example of classification problem: Logistic Regression in ML
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Getting started with website design and development

Do you have time to learn website development at your own pace free of charge? there is a catch though the content is in IsiZulu South African Native Language, there is a reasonable explaination for this which is a topic on its own, but a take home would be to think of ways of bringing or encouraging more african people to get into the tech industry particularly the computer science, programming and website development

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We work with variety of website development stacks but only the one that fits your project will be considered, using the best technology stack is the best choice for both companies, developers and consultants alike. Do you have a question relating to website development ask your question here will surely get back to you regarding that issue, in the meantime lets look at the next type of service you can request from us in the field of data science or analysis for your experiements or studies in order for your business or personal projects can make informed decisions, with our advanced trained models you can integrate to your business to gain data sense out of a bunch of data points, determine your p-value, get

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We use many supervised and unsupervised algorithms for training our models, we do work with your data also while we train models to work best with your business, customers or lab the results are very good all classifications, regressions we use employ the R, Python and TensorFlow with Scikit Learn. i.e Logistic Regression

When you need more information do not hesitate to contact us here for assistance right now this is how you will request software development using our service request form available here for you to complete very easy to get started with please ensure you read our privacy information and also the disclaimer listed here for more information we do take your privacy with highest priority

Interested in learning machine learning in South Africa? Watch full tutorials

Machine Learning - What Is It?

Let's look at the Machine Learning algorithms and further explore what they are, purpose and use cases in any industry

Logistic Regression Classifier - Machine Learning, South Africa

Linear models used for both classification and regression problems in data analysis, build your product class labels/target parameters then use your customer profiles as features for estimations Learn about logistic analysis

Linear Regression | Continuous Data | ML | IsiZulu |South Africa

Have you got stocks, statements, repayments statistics with continous data that needs predictive analysis then linear regression will assist make sense of your data in order to make informed decisions on what actually works or not Learn more about regression analysis

K Neighbors Classifier(KNN) - IsiZulu, South Africa

Isolate nearest neighbors by using KNN classify unknown customers or clients in your business to reduce the risk in credit vetting, to understand KNeighbors algorithm and how it can help solve many of your enterprise problems Learn more about algorithm

ML Decision Trees Classifiers - IsiZulu, South Africa

Find out why a customer ends up buying a particular product or service and why, Discover the overall factors that influence the buyer to choose one product over the other, train your model on existing customer profiles and let the machine learning algorithm recommend which products to sell to specific customers. Learn about trees in machine learning

Neural Network (MLPClassifier) - IsiZulu, South Africa

We as humans use our perception in many things when buying or selling, what influences our decisions to buy is past knowledge of what we learnt over the years this type of classifier using a brain simulation of the neurons called the neural network learns just like we do but has an advantage of making a choice of what we call a learning rate Neural network

Random Forest Classifiers (RFC) - IsiZulu, South Africa

This classifier is fast uses ensemble to create what is known as estimators, unlike the decision tree the random forest classifier can create multiple trees when solving your classification problems, then each of those trees then enter a voting like system using the class labels determined by the estimators, this is good when predicting stocks, property investments, insurance or bonds and more Learn ensemble

Support Vector Machine (SVM) - IsiZulu, South Africa

This model is excellent for business classification, other use cases it will draw a hyperplane on your plot graph, even on 3D simulations there will be a clear seperation of your data using your hue points, intercepts on the support vectors lines will be measured by the distance called a margin this model is suitable for many problems in clinical studies and other sectors Support vectors model

Software empowers productivity

Having a custom software developed for your laboratory, office or business can improve many processes in office, repetitive tasks can be automated by employing a software to repeat those tasks with 100% accuracy, it is important to focus on the organization or business itself rather than waste time doing the same task, it does not matter how fast you action those tasks today or how slow you were yesterday, measuring whats attainable for your industry like this has many downsides one such is human error, machinery, office equipment with high risk to employees or staff should be audited to minimize the risks that pose danger to humans example of this is the use of Gmail service for emails instead of a post office.

Physiological risk factors

  1. A lack of energy monitoring per individuals makes it easy to overwork your teams
  2. Increase in stress levels due to strenuous tasks without sufficient health checkups
  3. A mulfunction in the equipment leading to hazard
  4. Handling heavy items without machinery to save costs leads to poor health
  5. Not enough rest times between breaks increases fatigue

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Encourage stress management in the organization

Learning to manage your stress level can assist your organization to have more control over difficult situations they may face at work, also improves their wellbeing

  1. Encourage a positive attititude at work all the times
  2. Motivate good eating habits in the workplace
  3. Educate your team on situations that are out of reach or control
  4. Managing time is very important this should be integrated with sufficient tools
  5. If possible an inhouse physician should regularly observe your staff for any drug abuse or illnesses that may affect productivity
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