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Getting income streams from your website , always change how often a company plays a role on the internet, it greatly rewards the company, while employing our design, development guidelines, every business will see success immediately, thus changing the way you interact with your potential customers forever

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Here is a process to a definitive guide to a successful selling website free, generally most business websites use to attract new business, how to follow the right steps ensuring you increase market reach for your business online , remaining invisible on search engines will not bring customers to your website, simple ways to generate revenue streams with just a single deployment , when you review your new website it will look better, which is why getting the leads you always wanted , becomes a regular everyday process that you will need to automate the number of flowing inquiries and sales. Share this with friends

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A story is what companies with websites tell to their customers, they relate to everyday issues, cumbersome business challenges, while telling a good story the listening customer can relate when hearing it, mostly because they have the same problems after buying a domain for their website, the next step is to get a website that communicates the business brand, as it the website desires to have content, without content your website will not be interesting to any visitors, which is why you get a website design, development with content

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We have tested website techniques for newly launched to ensure we delivery but you can expect the results for your website, looking to ensure delivery happens, surely every company needs to be in a level that reflects experience, tried methods for gaining thousands of traffic are available for you to use with any service you purchase, reduce SEO keywords research from 2-3 weeks to just 24 hours, keyword research is fully automated also to ensure maximum output, secure your 1st google ranking without paid listing, retain all your traffic for 6-12 months with our google search techniques for maximum potential online, when using top ranking SEO optimization tool the potential to outreach your competitors is fairly an easy one, enjoy less worrying about your website visibility online, start focusing on top ranking content and keywords for your website or simply automate everything with a single click of a button, results prove themselves, multi-perfomance level marketing including report analysis, you too can look at the statistics like a professional

Tell your story in South Africa

Leverage the design

Never compromise your brand identity

Talk color, the divide of separate groups of content by segmented differences that communicate the message in a different way, colors that make your brand stand out has psychological effect, using white space is clearer, leverage it to make everything readable, the blacker or darker colors you use to style backgrounds, borders contrast your website, the color choices send unique message that can be positive or negative, write with black color on white background keeping every other elements away with white space, improve eye focus with conceptual layout that helps with getting any product knowledge across.

fig 1.2: Tell your story in South Africa

Giving machines the right of action

Computers handle more work than humans

Websites are intelligence

If you look at 3 (three) tasks given to any human, repeatedly human beings will do it right for the first couple of hours, same tasks over 24 hours without any breaks in between fatigue renders them weak, then demanding more salaries to compensate the hard work follows, people can only handle so many tasks, there are ways to assist them.

Make your staff oversee automation

Teach your website to sell and analyze customer interests

Cookies in the browser collects all types of information

Customers want to buy on your website but something keeps distracting them, website actions collected, such as clicks, mouseover events, measuring the screen height, calculating visible portion of the screen triggering even based on scroll up and scroll down, evaluating what the customer has more focus on, certain regions on the screen and data visible at that point, say its your product or service then starting a timer event to capture how long each section is viewed, how many times a customer reads or views a particular product every time they return, giving you the business owner all the access. publication: Share with friends

Bridging the gap of direct sales on websites

You never accomplish anything without having a good strategy, immediately they hear your name they will google, if they don't find you then you add doubt to customers, likely not going to trust you because its harder to find your company online, not having documented testimonials, recent work tells the customer more about what you do, they are tired already searching everywhere for the same providers that will change their lives, how this would make all the pain of losing customers because there aren't more signups anywhere, fewer inquiries every month that raises with the tension in the office, when staff immediately keeps quiet when you are around the energy drained while expective some kind of return of investment, business manual processes are slow, too many mistakes happening in the office then errors, paper jams, car issues largely affected by all the taxes, meeting clients every day because many companies activate "SPAM security" all your gmail, hotmail email addresses hardly see the light of an inbox, free email addresses are used by "SCAMMERS" rarely by companies, avoiding all the problems such as free email accounts, manual processing, short staff problems in the office, high salaries low returns on investments, insurance premiums escalating every month while the last raise given to your employers was 5-6 years ago, the lack of bonuses, long hours with low productive output turns into a chicken and egg story or you can solve 80% of office problems by getting a website

inexperienced website developers to cut costs will cut your investments

All business websites must have content marketing and SEO Keyword Research

Resolving the gray areas in website holes that sinks business resources

You are loosing money having an old outdated website, it puts you in a poor position globally, its best when comparing your website with your competitors , especially those doing well to get to a level of professionalism, what makes your business unsuccesful online is the lack of intriguing content, if your products are physical your websites should be more like a physical experience but in a digital format, having an about page, company all other regular pages only as your website means you are sinking your company as you emotionally drown, you will have no one to blame but yourself, all this worrying , resolve conflicts with past developers by paying off outstanding fees, start planning towards websites that build your reputation, companies reduce websites making it a technical problem, websites are 90% your business and 10% technical, your information about your company should be clear, your company services/products must be composed well, information that will be useful to your clients must be available on the right sections, links should not be technical, language used on your website should be business terms instead of computer jargon, telling your fellow business partners you have a fancy website in Angular or ReactJs instead of telling them your company motives, benefits to add value to your clients ,escape the pitfalls of poorly designed websites oversold by design agencies, also discover proven ways to succesfully sell on your website,

every company has equal opportunity to make sales, educate customers on products/services, discover new leads for newly created services, if your website doesn't convince you as a manager to buy... it might have a great design like a template but misrepresenting your company as whole, presenting a website to the world without , viable information is misleading, should be considered misdirection using internet to spread the wrong message, messages online should be clear, understandably simple for a customer to read exactly what they are buying, get the website you need by following proper guidelines for implementing e-commerce strategies

The relationship between pamphlets, flyers and trash cans

When we figured out that afternoon having to explained to co-workers about the recent decision to reach more customers, rushing to collect prints from the printers, next day taking a morning walk with a can of soda with only 10 minutes to go to the office, dumping the can was all we could write in the office as the next motivation, instead of expressing anger out of fustration, all our prints were in the bin did all the people just dump them in one bin? or they were all trashed at once, we lost the money and the chance to get new business none of that comes back or you can pay monthly fee minimal once a month never having to pay someone to look at your services

Healthy relationship with the customers

What effort are you making to meet your customers half way? Is there a disconnect between the customers after purchasing your product, a disconnect such that they do not get updated when new products/services are created, creating a new service for your customers, especially if the new product is better than the previous released version of your product, costing you double to re-market, how efficient the newer product is towards the existence , the perfect website constantly updates customers, keeping customers updated live on product features, customers feel more valued when they get priority, understanding what processes, triggers for customers who are signing up don't want to keep returning to your website, unless your website has advanced daily or weekly website notifications on products made easy, struggling to inform customers lead to technical anger, fustration build up to existing websites some businesses have, they bring no public interests to the user, poorly designed stale none responsive website making the customer pull their hair, every click is pain to your customers, next to nothing the website doesn't even fit to a mobile phone making things worse, why share your website to your customers if you have volcanic flames in there? You risk loosing hits, rankings and mobile users very bad experience leaves them with disgust employ a two week website refactoring plan to restore faith with customers

Angular & JavaScript

10 key points why R1K – R5K website is an unsafe deal

A customer online is no different from a customer offline

It has been proven that many people use the search engine to find businesses online, some resources include business directories, B2B platforms ... when they search for a company often what happens is that a customer your potential customer is presented with many results of companies offering the same services also some deceptive advertisements that could lead to potential exploits for the customer, Another issue is the domain conflict on results where you see “website1.net” and “website1.com” but both companies are not same but offering same services in different countries so in this case if you are “website1.net” and your customers search results often lead to “website1.com” because the other website provides more details about your services rather than a website you approved to get a cheaper deal. A way around this is ensuring that website strategies are aligned with the business and that there is enough about the business and its services on the website more than design and fancy pictures, animations that impressed you to sign up with the website agency in the first place, If the agency sold you fancy your customer will pay you losses in traffic and go to the boring website that seems to provide all necessary information about the product because they seem more knowledgeable about the service they provide than just a few bullet points saying we do this and serve that.

A customer online is no different from a customer offline

A common mistake to make as a business is searching for a website development agency that charges anything from R1500 – R10 000. Websites have evolved to more than just pages, graphics and logos. What you would expect to pay for WordPress website is around R20k to R50k developed by professional PHP developer adding business branding, marketing strategies to the website increases the price by 30% if you want to engage customers and convert on the same website it’s another 20% - 30% and to gain revenue on the same website with guaranteed results or money back is toping that off with 60% to the initial investment. Why are some developers offering the website at an unsafe bracket and labelling it as “Affordable website or Quick websites”? The way to bet with your business is to make a poor presentation and affect your business corporate image by trying to save money on what could potentially make a great deal and turnover on investment in profits if a website agency doesn’t guarantee the results you need for your business to succeed online why bet? This risky behaviour will impact your company when it comes to the experience your customers get visiting your branch and endless tickets of complaints filed due to the website not making things easier for customers if they were unable to come to your local office,

10 key points why R1K – R5K website is an unsafe deal

  • What value are you getting at R1k – R5k that will magically turn into R10k profits?
  • What is the actual cost of the logo or brand?
  • Are business challenges communicated well by your agency prior to development?
  • Do you know the impact your website has to your customers?
  • Will the company website solve or introduce more problems online?
  • Do you have a technical documentation for outlined technologies used on your website?
  • Are you able to hire multiple agencies?
  • Is your website source code transferable to other developers if you unhappy with your current website and it’s failing the ability to return results?
  • Does your company track feedback from customers about products and services?
  • Lastly, is your website communicating the product and services effectively?

Increase revenue

What’s beneficial for the business

Successful strategies for a customer-facing website using Angular to reduce workloads

How companies increase sales, manual process automation in a successful website build with AngularJS? Developing website is what I do on a daily basis understanding what works best for customers adds more value to the business, Effective communication of the value to customers or prospects in this context holds more rewards for the business in the technical perspective with regard to processes applied when laying down business processes for automation and more...

  • Customers are the target audience who get to make the final decision about your website usability, not your design team, It’s a clear cut that your developers, tech team might not be able to understand or grasp to why some solutions worked and some didn’t.
  • A clear concept of single implemented strategy without a goal to measure that strategic approach fails many companies with analytics. How competitors continuously visit your website and adjust their services to stand out has nothing to do with the design or layout of the website but has more to do with how a message is communicated to the prospect.

What’s beneficial for the business

When using website to communicate value for your product and services choosing the right technology to represent that idea and implement strategies makes it easier to get started and seeing results is truly beneficial for your business objectives with marketing and aligns core principles of your business underlying missions to promote honest business offers testing them against your competitors product and services in an angular way a product or service structured for presentation online takes away developer time, complexities in getting the work you want online done. talk to us regarding your website on how to make it work.

  • It is safe to safe the is quicker turnaround time when it comes to business service delivery and overall better user experience that helps you convert every time to measure up what interests your audience, It is better to understand what a particular service does and how it benefits your business for growth in revenue;

Customer and Business Conflict of Interests

One must communicate the product to your developer about what the value is to the end-user thus making it easier for the developers to have same missions when developing your online presence or eCommerce platform what needs to be done is about rounding up every detail about the services and products.

Grouping the how and why a customer might need or may need not need to be educated on the services and products your business is offering. e.g I develop a website with a business in mind also establish all values that need to be communicated to the client through the website using angular “Business Services” I address all business requirements for the particular business, through angular “Business Directives” introduce custom concepts on the website any idea a business wants to implement even custom feature such as landing forms for capturing leads-- talk to us regarding your website on how to make it work.

Then by integrating “Business Model” that angular has to hold business intelligence such as the website being able to provide a live quotation to the client, respond in real-time and this interactive approach assists the client on a website to better make an informed decision about buying or subscribing to a service that a business sells. Talk to us about the challenges you face on your business or where your website fails to deliver towards your expectations

Increase sales with the right tech

Front-End Business decisions for website development

Successful strategies for JavaScript in the front-end

AngularJS or Angular How to choose for your business?

When stability is the issue when it comes to framework choice, Angular is a complete rewrite from AngularJS but that is not to say AngularJS is bad or inferior to Angular 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8 or just Angular. This talk is about AngularJS written in JavaScript and not addressing anything on Angular since there is nothing newer on AngularJS since Angular is a rewrite it’s wrong to say Angular is newer than AngularJS. We not going to talk about a framework religion here but the business side of choosing AngularJS over Angular one reason right out of the box should be trust and contract for support.

Making a choice to build a website using Angular, we refer to framework as concepts applied to achieve a particular goal in business a framework is a unit of concepts applied, that when used well they lead to fewer problems and higher rate of success, simply a way of doing things the angular way of building websites is backed by research and the large corporation behind angular which is google. The success of angular relies on how comfortable the engineers working on your AngularJS application as far as concepts, strategies for delivering real business value to customers.

Developers learn about your business

JavaScript can build applications without framework but lots of problems with starting and building a strong foundation for your application will take some time to effectively understand and keep track of one way of doing things. Feel free to ask about angular decisions when choosing the framework by emailing goodwish@axxess.co.za , as a developer using JavaScript angular enforces strong rules and more structured application flow separating business logic in the whole application trust me this is not going to be another JavaScript topic on why you should use angular for your business but why it is used instead to address common problems in order for you to buy in the framework popularity is why you want to use angular on your next project or existing is simply because you want to keep your business online presence a better one for your customers, Angular does not help build traditional websites it builds powerful desktop-like applications where users are able to feel content move, shape itself with some kind of behaviour to touch, swipe, click events happening on the page. As the user or customer visits your website is more geared towards business value rather than it becoming another sophisticated technical difficulty online. For a smooth transformation of your WordPress website to angular website contact goodwish@axxess.co.za

What, I don’t think I need Angular for my business website?

Yes, you might not need angular for your company website if what you want for your customers is just static pages, but if you need a dynamic website with features such as enabling your business to facilitate the following:

  • Customer Login/Registrations
  • Dashboards for your customers to track support tickets, orders, etc..
  • Enable customers to manage subscriptions, meetings, etc..
  • Provide booking of any kind for travel, seminars, appointments for doctors, etc...
  • Provide live quotations, banking services like ABC bank, etc...
  • Provide state of the art customer CRM solutions, recruitment portals, etc...
  • For a complete list of what is possible with angular feel free to get in touch goodwish@axxess.co.za

Your website is all about business than it is about technology making the right choice is choosing angular as your website framework easy to scale as your company grows the website can incorporate the rate of success.

Why should you use Angular

Discovering use cases for angular.

Successful strategies for JavaScript in the front-end

Understanding the Angular Way

Angular Developers think about your projects in a different way than regular website, mobile application developers, one way to look at this is how a tree grows from a seed on the ground into a tree later each branch of the tree stem out so as Angular application with many natural ways of thinking applied to it effectively it's more sophisticated, beautiful for doing business, Companies often choose simpler tools taking expensive shortcuts that lead to disaster.

Angular 8 is the current version of Angular so as the developers using Angular in business always kept motivated, engaged by Google Angular team to keep learning, improving themselves as Angular grows each day to be what it is today a more naturally accepted way of building websites with life in them, A website that makes customer experience pleasant and Joyful is what every customer returns to regardless of the customer you have what turns out good feels good.

Develop an understanding of best practices when firstly selecting the choice of web technology, Angular is very senior compared to other website development frameworks requires more advanced concepts such as components, services, directives, scopes, dependency injection, routes even more TypeScript which is more structured, strongly typed superset of JavaScript, Every business that need an Angular developer should make it priority that they get all the benefits of Angular without breaking the budget when there is no need to.

Implementing a business concept in Angular is fairly simple once the business analysis has been done on a particular plan drafted for automation, technical documentation usually focuses on the transformation of the business concept into a way a developer can interpret your mission plan, Angular developers understand both business and IT software development not only seen as programmers who are solely dependant on Agile methodologies to close the gap, Angular developers never isolate themselves they become part of the business operation itself.

Process isolation of business concept can be put into components in Angular such as business complex tasks e.g Every user visiting the website is a potential prospect for the business the need to isolate each user for presentation, information gathering will help each company understand the current state of the customer visiting the website to determine the mode of the customer in buying state quickly drive the website to make better-targeted offers to the customer in order to close sale, Angular directives can implement very sophisticated customer demographic isolation by grouping business analysis with web analytics together to form a pattern on how every user uses your website application, in this case, Angular application to keep more track of every action though route tracking, event triggering everything a business owner can possibly imagine. Let's get to the reasons why you should hire Angular developers in South Africa;

Making Angular your religion

5 Reasons you should hire Angular developers in South Africa

Successful strategies for JavaScript in the front-end

1.South African market is different from other markets, usually, developers that live in the country understand the buy in's of the customers which helps with goals if a company is targeting customers in demographic areas of South Africa not excluding rural areas but moreover getting your website reach anyone who gets even little data to connect to the internet puts pressure into building data consciously smart applications, If a website takes longer a regular South African user will close the website.
2.Websites build with Angular is build by already those who are enthusiasts about software engineering also business-minded, Core principle of South African Angular developer is to drive companies to success the way Google does it, If a business offers website development as a service to customers Angular is the best choice in this case,
3.State of the art design, development strategies for implementing business tasks automation in more modern and traditional way a manager can understand, Good reason is Angular developers focus on business more than programming most of the work is done by the Angular team at Google, This means the developer doesn't have to worry about structuring the application, taking too long figuring things out like project layouts, planning and writing custom binding, touching too many internal browser elements which may break for example not show certain things on other browsers everything is already made compatible for all devices the Angular developer can have less stress only focus on creating business applications if a developer sits with an accountant or any other professional in your company and they put input; You guessed it the more corporate your application may seem which is what companies want websites that represent their corporate image.
4.More clients will approve Angular projects because of the level of professionalism, support not only that but because they get to talk to the person who writes the angular application in the same language "business communication" profits and growth.
5.The best way to hire an Angular developer is to hire everyone who has the best interests in your business, not anyone but someone who understands your business roles, background e.g if an accounting firm decides to hire an Angular developer the developer should have some basic accounting skills, bookkeeping, banking knowledge reason being their way of looking at challenges are the same the problems can easily be solved if the developer also understands the companies pain points in this case of the best way to dealing is finding the reasonable approach asking pain questions which regard to the business operations solving the problems with the company instead of someone who is going to treat websites as something to show customers but never gaining anything in return best value for money is on those who see vision as you.

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